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azienda_agricolaThe Farm  Boschi e the oil mill Boschi was establish arount the early 1900. Pistoia site in the countryside, hilly area at the foot of the Tuscan Appennino, is one of the few mills that still exist to apply a traditional processing method with "cold" handed down from generations old peasant. To produce our extra virgin olive using only local, hand-picked, (picking), processed within 24 hours, to ensure product integrity. The traditional method of "cold" is the use of "granite millstone" not to damage the oil quality and to maintain wholesome flavors and odors. The movement of granite wheels turn the olives into paste. We then move to a "grinding" at room temperature, followed by a "squeezing pressure" made with presses and presses: the olive paste is spread on the diaphragm (used not to alter the naturalness of the product) where it is squeezed, the result such a concentration of oil and water (juice), which is divided by centrifugal method and origin of extra virgin olive oil.


The oil is then deposited in containers away from light and heat with a constant temperature not exceeding 14 degrees. All stages of this process are accurately followed and adhered to, as even the slightest change can alter the quality and organoleptic and nutritional characteristics of the final result. The olive varieties used are: Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo, Pendolino, Maurino. The extra virgin olive oil is a product of Woods' raw ", unfiltered, and its golden yellow color with green highlights, her unmistakable scent of olive oil, its lightness and sweetness in taste make it a precious and irreplaceable in 'daily diet.

The farm is a multi-purpose reality: we produce ornamental plants, olive oil, we have a traditional oil mill, make firewood, wood chips, and we also offer hospitality with our new Farmhouse and Camping area.
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