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Extra vergin olive oil


The extra virgin olive Boschi was born in Pistoia, at the foot of the Tuscan-Romagna, and is obtained from olives of the farm Woodlands, which has about 1500 plants. The olive harvest takes place between October and November, when the oil is at physiological maturity, the best time. Harvesting is done by hand and the olives are pressed in the same day of collection, all this is done to bring to an olive mill perfect. The mill, which is essential for obtaining a high quality oil than the original product, is part of the company and is traditional, with a millstone and hydraulic presses. The olives are carefully cleaned and placed directly into the mill to create a paste. This paste, without adding heat as it works in cold, pressed to get the oil must. The juice is then separated in order to have the raw extra virgin olive oil, which does not require further processing. For this we produce a natural oil, crude oil and therefore not filtered or heated. The Boschi's extra virgin olive oil has an acidity contained a maximum presence of natural antioxidants (called polyphenols) for a subsequent stability in storage. Our extra virgin olive oil, for its physical, chemical and organoleptic characteristics to be considered a food of high quality. It 'consists of 98% from a lipid fraction and the remaining 2% of smaller components, which, however, contribute decisively to provide the quality and characteristics.
Fatty acids are represented as oleic acid (65-80%), linoleic (13%) and palmitic (7-15%), the minor constituents are beta-carotene (provitamin A), tocopherols ( vitamin E) and antioxidants (phenolic compounds), very important for the conservation of oil and, nutritionally, through the action of defense against free radicals. Phytosterols are also important for their regulatory action on the absorption of cholesterol. The taste of 'oil earlier in the season, freshly squeezed, is intense because it still retains the flavor of the fruit and there is a feeling of roughness in the throat, but after a few months (the third and above), the oil begins to express the best of his personality: fragrances and flavors reach the optimum oil slips nicely into your mouth and intoxicates with its taste and less mature fruit, with its fragrance, all the taste buds. After this phase, which lasts up to twelve months, the oil slowly begins to acquire a sweeter taste, there are still excellent nutritional qualities, but the delicious fruity scent fades slowly.podere

After two years extra virgin olive continues to be edible, but now has lost its original flavor and color intensity.
The oil is stored correctly, in stainless steel containers, arriving safely at the second year of aging, and as mentioned before, it naturally contains antioxidants that protect dall'irrancidimento, even if their activity fades with the passage time.
The presence of these antioxidants (including phenolic compounds and tocopherols) can be thwarted if some rules are not respected in its preservation.
The oil must be protected from light and heat, and the bottle, once begun, must be kept tightly closed; are three simple rules, but necessary to protect the antioxidants.

When exposed to contact with air, it must be consumed in a reasonably short time, always closing the container with the cap after use. Finally, all stages of the process for obtaining of 'extra virgin olive oil Woods are carefully followed and respected, as even the slightest change can alter the quality, nutritional and organoleptic characteristics of the final result.
The olive varieties used are: Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo, Pendolino, Maurino.
The Boschi's extra virgin olive oil is a product  unfiltered, and its golden yellow color with green highlights, her unmistakable scent of olive oil, its lightness and sweetness in taste make it a precious and irreplaceable in daily diet.

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