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Oil Mill

FrantoioThe Boschi's oil mill was born at the beginning of 1900. The mill is located in the countryside of Pistoia on a hilly area next to Tusca Appennino. THis mill is one among the still existing oil mills to apply a traditional manufacturing procedure by a "cold method", handed down from old rural generations.   
In order to produce en extra vergin oil, local olives only are employed. They are gathered (browsing procedure), and then they are worked (within 24 hours), in order to get an integral product.
Molazze of granite are used on this method, on the purpose not to modify the quality of the oil, and to maintain pure smell and tastes. The granite wheel's movement turns olives into pasta; next step is a kneading  at room temperature.
A pressure squeezing by presses the follows. Olives pasta is then layed on a special disks (used in order not to change the genuinity of the product). A concentrate of oil and water is so obtained (mosto), enables to get an "extra vergin olive oil".

The oil produced is then placed in tanks stored far from light and heat at a regular temperature not higher than 14 degrees.

All the various working procedures are strictly observed. The minimum change could easily modify the quality and nutritional and organoleptic charachetristic of the final product.
The quality of the olives employes: Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo, Pendolino, Maurino. The oil obtained is a "raw" product, non-filtrated. It has got a golden-yellow colour with green reflexes; its unmistakableans sweetness in the taste, make it a precious and irreplaceable product of the daily feeding.

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Picking take place before complete ageing, to obtain an oil of high quality.
Time between picking and milling is shorted with the aim to obtain a very aromatic oil (fruity) rich in antioxidants.


At existing mills were rebuilt the mower blade containment and all steel internal inox. A very slow grinding procedure enables to get important antioxidants in order to preserve oil by reducing possible oxidation and having an ege quality.





The dough
is then put on discs to create a tower that will be pressed to obtain juice consists of oil and water through the separation procedure, separate dal'olio water through a centrifugal separator that uses the differeza specific gravity. The oil, raw and natural is then stored and used immediately.








Before packaging all the necessary chemical analysis will be executed inside the oil mill or outside (peroxide acidity control).




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We performs work for third parties.
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